Wednesday, May 22, 2013

God is Working in Our Midst

God is working in our midst! I don't always feel it but He is!

I love how the Lord answers prayers that you might have given up being answered on a long time ago. This week we got to visit with a long time friend and just the fellowship was encouraging. It was like a fresh drink of cool water. We didn't talk about anything truly deep but it was refreshing nevertheless. After our friend left, the Lord reminded me about a dream and word that He had given me before. I had to chuckle because so many years later and perhaps many times of discouragement, the Lord reminded me about His promises that He had given us. I started to get excited! I can see things that might not have made sense before starting to fall together! However, I don't think that they have fallen together at all but are being pieced together like an intricate puzzle or perhaps, they are being brushed and blended together like brush strokes in a painting. A masterpiece! All along He knew the timing and the plan but I get in a hurry, running ahead, trying to help it happen like the way that I had envisioned it, instead of waiting for the way He has it planned!

If you are a person who has been disappointed or just worn down by the world, I want to encourage you! God is so very big and He has it all under control. Don't give up, keep looking because God is working out all of the details. He will deliver what He has promised.

Stirring with excitement to see what and how it is all being pieced together!