Monday, January 24, 2011

The Little Things

I realized today how grateful I am for the little things. People laugh at me because I get excited over little things. My mom told me once that I would get excited if she was to bring me a toothpick home for a gift! LOL Well, you will be happy to know that my tastes have gotten a little more expensive but I still get excited over the little things.

Today I was thinking about how great life is at this moment. What made me think this? I had a big water bottle full of plain ol' brewed ice tea, the sun was shining and I was chewing a piece of watermelon gum, listening to worship music while reading about Moses in Exodus! Life is good! It doesn't seem like a whole lot to some but to me it just made me happy! God is so good to me.

While I was reading in the first few chapters of Exodus it was talking about Moses meeting God in the desert (at the burning bush.) God had told Moses how He had heard the crys of the Israelites and God was sending Moses to deliver them. He told him to take his stick or rod and throw it on the ground and it turned into a snake! This next part is the part that made me smile... Exodus 4:3 And He said, "Cast it on the ground." So he cast it on the ground, and it became a serpent; and Moses fled from it. NKJV LOL That is exactly what I would have done! I would have RAN!

Isn't it great that God used/uses ordinary people with ordinary reactions? This means that I am qualified to be used by God! God told Moses that he was going to speak to Pharoah and Moses told God that he was slow of speech! Like God didn't know that? Probably God had seen something in Moses that Moses didn't see, but still, God worked with him!

So today I am so thankful for iced tea, watermelon gum, worship music, sunshine and the Word to encourage me! My God loves me so much that He knows the little things that make my day! Thank You Jesus!


Friday, January 21, 2011

Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words

In my office I have three pictures of my grandaughter that hangs on the wall in front of my desk. They were taken when she was about two year old. She was wearing a pretty little homemade yellow flowered dress with a pink sweater with a little rose on it. I had been given a giant cup and saucer bird feeder and it was just a little taller than her. In the first picture she is easing up to the saucer and trying to see what was in the cup. In the second picture the seed spills out and in the third picture she steps back and looks at me and just laughs!

I absolutely love these pictures. First of all it freezes in time the moment when she was little. It captures her curiosity and then her delight at her discovery. These three little pictures are worth a thousand words. My Hannah is growing up so very fast. I have enjoyed every single stage of her young life. The pictures take me back to a time that I had almost forgotten. Her cherub little face,and her fine short hair. It is so important to not waste a day.

Today I am reminded about the scripture that says not to worry about tomorrow for today has enough worries of it's own. If we spend our time wishing for tomorrow or so consumed at the concerns for tomorrow, we will miss out on what we have today. We have a lot to live for, so enjoy and make the most of each day! I am so thankful that for that one day, I was there to watch Hannah discover the birdfeeder. I am really thrilled that I caught it on film to keep and look back on!

One more funny son Jason was home from college and bought a huge bag of birdseed to keep the birdfeeder full of seed. He loved watching his niece play with her new find. Hannah loved emptying that cup after her discovery. Well let's just say that we sowed a lot of seed that spring and it took me forever to get rid of all of those producing birdseeds! LOL The gift that kept on giving!

I am enjoying great memories and love making new ones. Don't get so busy that you miss the opportunity to make some good memories of your own today!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kid's Night

Tonight I taught on Jacob and Essau. We shared how they both made wrong choices and their parents made wrong choices too. We talked about the birthright that Essau gave up for a bowl of stew and a piece of bread. I had some pieces of "fur" to explain how Jacob and his mama used to trick or fool the Dad (Issac) into giving Jacob his brother's blessing. When I was telling my story (with many helpful interruptions and input)I got to the part where Isaac and Essau both realized that Jacob had deceived them into stealing his blessing and I was telling the kids that I'm sure that Issac was crying and Essau was crying...I looked out at all of the kids and saw Hannah's eyes tearing up. Such compassion...I almost cried. I finished the story and told them at how blessed we are that once we accept Christ that we have a Father who doesn't play favorites! He loves us all and He desires to bless us all! We all have our own identity in Christ. He is our inheritance! We get to spend eternity with Him! How exciting!

We finished the night with our craft. Each of the kids had a little notebook and I had them each put their fingerprints on each page. They had the choice or black or green ink. I explained how everyone had their own fingerprint and that Jesus had made each one of them as an individual that He loves so very much! They then made fun little people or creatures out of their fingerprints!

Then when I drove home I pulled into our driveway and turned off our car. On the radio the song "Your Love O Lord" came on. I got to sit there and listen and worship the entire song. It was so great. I love that song.
Your love, oh Lord
Reaches to the heavens
Your faithfulness stretches to the sky
Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains
Your justice flows like the ocean's tide
I will lift my voice
To worship You, my King
I will find my strength
In the shadow of your wings.
I am so thankful that with all of the injustices of the world that we serve a faithful God. He is the hope of all generations, from babies to the elderly across all barriers.

I am so thankful that I get to teach our kids every other week. I am so thankful that I serve such a great and compassionate God. I am thankful for hope.

Have a wonderful night!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Looking for Eagles

Today I had the pleasure of working in the "field" at work. We drove a particular route and counted Eagles. Bald Eagles and Golden Eagles. While counting these majestic birds we also kept track of the number of a few other birds such as ravens, magpies to name a few.

Before I actually spotted my first official eagle sighting, I would look at these cool hawks and say, "Look there is a big boy!" And the wildlife biologist would say, "No that is a such and such hawk." Disappointed I would keep looking. Then I finally saw "him." He was a BIG BOY! LOL I would never mistake a hawk (unless it was at a great distance) for an eagle again! They almost missed him! I was the one who saw him! He was HUGE! I don't know how they didn't see him! Then my boss said something that was true but stood out to me. He said, "You won't see them unless you are looking for them." is kind of that way with God. He is always there. There are days that He is right there and you see Him right in front of you. There are other days that you have to "look for Him" in order to see Him or what He is doing in your life.

While staring at these amazing birds through my binoculars I had a hard time not breaking into worship with song! LOL I am sure that the three men that I was with would have appreciated that! Instead I hummed quietly to myself and had a nice talk with God.

God is so awesome. He created everyone of those beautiful species. He designed their coloring and markings. He taught them how to hunt,fish and soar. It truly is breath taking. I thought of the scripture that says, But those who wait on the LORD Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

Lord help me to always look for You all of the time. At all times and everywhere. Help me to remember to wait on You. Thank you for renewing our strength so that I will not grow weary. You are awesome.



Monday, January 10, 2011

Personal Ministry in Spite of the Masses and Circumstances! He Cares!

40 So it was, when Jesus returned, that the multitude welcomed Him, for they were all waiting for Him. 41 And behold, there came a man named Jairus, and he was a ruler of the synagogue. And he fell down at Jesus’ feet and begged Him to come to his house, 42 for he had an only daughter about twelve years of age, and she was dying.
But as He went, the multitudes thronged Him. 43 Now a woman, having a flow of blood for twelve years, who had spent all her livelihood on physicians and could not be healed by any, 44 came from behind and touched the border of His garment. And immediately her flow of blood stopped.
45 And Jesus said, “Who touched Me?”
When all denied it, Peter and those with him said, “Master, the multitudes throng and press You, and You say, ‘Who touched Me?’”
46 But Jesus said, “Somebody touched Me, for I perceived power going out from Me.” 47 Now when the woman saw that she was not hidden, she came trembling; and falling down before Him, she declared to Him in the presence of all the people the reason she had touched Him and how she was healed immediately.
48 And He said to her, “Daughter, be of good cheer; your faith has made you well. Go in peace.”
49 While He was still speaking, someone came from the ruler of the synagogue’s house, saying to him, “Your daughter is dead. Do not trouble the Teacher.”
50 But when Jesus heard it, He answered him, saying, “Do not be afraid; only believe, and she will be made well.” 51 When He came into the house, He permitted no one to go in except Peter, James, and John, and the father and mother of the girl. 52 Now all wept and mourned for her; but He said, “Do not weep; she is not dead, but sleeping.” 53 And they ridiculed Him, knowing that she was dead.
54 But He put them all outside,took her by the hand and called, saying, “Little girl, arise.” 55 Then her spirit returned, and she arose immediately. And He commanded that she be given something to eat. 56 And her parents were astonished, but He charged them to tell no one what had happened.
Luke 8:40-56 NKJV

Now this passage is a little long for a blog, I know, however I included it all for a purpose. There was this man named Jairus who came to Jesus and pleaded for help from Him for his daughter, who was only twelve and dying. Jesus agreed to go with Jairus to pray for his daughter but the crowds were huge and many were clamouring for his attention and help. In the midst of these crowds a woman, who was also desperate for healing reached out and touched his clothing. Now Jesus, asked, "Who touched me?" The disciples were like, who didn't touch you? We're surrounded by people. But Jesus knew that someone touched Him and he took the time to find out and talked to the woman.

In the meantime Jairus's people came and said for them not to bother it was too late, that his daughter was dead. How devastating. But it wasn't! Jesus' timing was different than ours. He was big enough to take time for the woman who was bleeding out and death wasn't going to cheat them either.Jesus told Jairus to not worry, only believe and his daughter would be made well. Even Jesus didn't let the surrounding circumstances take center stage. When He got there He only let Peter, James, John and the parents go into the room with Him. He told all of the mourners and hysterical people to stop crying that she was not dead. Now all of those people stopped crying long enough to ridicule Jesus, because they "knew" that she was dead.

How often do we get so focused on the circumstances that we panic, or cry and if anyone tries to speak some hope into our situations that we are quick to say, "You have no idea what it is like?" hmmmm....

Jesus placed the disbelievers outside and then picked up the little girl's hand and called for her to arise! She did! Jesus then instructed for the parents to get the girl something to eat.

Let's examine this from a few different angles. Jesus' timing was not their timing but He was still able to meet all of their needs! He had time to not only heal the woman who reached out to touch Him but to minister to her personally too. He reassured Jairus not to worry. He then went with Jairus to his house. He took the people who were freaking out, out of the room. He then , despite the bleak appearing circumstances, healed the little girl and made sure that her physical needs were met afterwards too! The passage says that her parents were astonished! How often does God surprise us even when we've asked for something? It might not get answered the way we thought but He always answers. Sometimes we need to separate ourselves from those who are freaking out and won't focus on Jesus. Why? Because if it is causing us to concentrate on the crisis or circumstance instead of on Jesus then it isn't good for us. Remove yourself from a fear ridden environment. Fear is not of the Lord! Speak His truth outloud if you have too, sing or worship! It will help you to readjust your focal point! We need to remember that Jesus does not have to fit in our box or to be confined by our rules. He is God!

So be of good cheer! Have great faith! Jesus will minister to us! He has time for all of us! He is big enough for every situation and circumstance!He is control of the situation. He is GREAT!

Loving His Word,