Friday, January 21, 2011

Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words

In my office I have three pictures of my grandaughter that hangs on the wall in front of my desk. They were taken when she was about two year old. She was wearing a pretty little homemade yellow flowered dress with a pink sweater with a little rose on it. I had been given a giant cup and saucer bird feeder and it was just a little taller than her. In the first picture she is easing up to the saucer and trying to see what was in the cup. In the second picture the seed spills out and in the third picture she steps back and looks at me and just laughs!

I absolutely love these pictures. First of all it freezes in time the moment when she was little. It captures her curiosity and then her delight at her discovery. These three little pictures are worth a thousand words. My Hannah is growing up so very fast. I have enjoyed every single stage of her young life. The pictures take me back to a time that I had almost forgotten. Her cherub little face,and her fine short hair. It is so important to not waste a day.

Today I am reminded about the scripture that says not to worry about tomorrow for today has enough worries of it's own. If we spend our time wishing for tomorrow or so consumed at the concerns for tomorrow, we will miss out on what we have today. We have a lot to live for, so enjoy and make the most of each day! I am so thankful that for that one day, I was there to watch Hannah discover the birdfeeder. I am really thrilled that I caught it on film to keep and look back on!

One more funny son Jason was home from college and bought a huge bag of birdseed to keep the birdfeeder full of seed. He loved watching his niece play with her new find. Hannah loved emptying that cup after her discovery. Well let's just say that we sowed a lot of seed that spring and it took me forever to get rid of all of those producing birdseeds! LOL The gift that kept on giving!

I am enjoying great memories and love making new ones. Don't get so busy that you miss the opportunity to make some good memories of your own today!


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  1. Awesome post, my friend. I'm so happy I found your blog again *(I had lost the link.) I enjoy all that you share!
    Karen in FL