Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hakuna Matata

Last night I had the pleasure of going to watch the 3-D movie The Lion King. The best part is that when we got into the theater my youngest granddaughter Abbie had saved us two seats right beside her! Her excitement was so awesome! She was fanning herself in excitement. If you were to know Abbie you would know exactly what I mean. She has done this since she was an infant. She told me, "Grandma, hurry, you missed some of the best parts! The balls flew right out to me and I tried to catch them!" LOL I loved her exuberance.

The movie began. We both sat there side by side taking in all of the scenery. We would reach out to touch some of the grasses as they went by :)I had watched the Lion King the first time it came out in the movie theater 15+ years ago. I remember my husband and Pastor Darrell singing with the music and I was laughing because it was hysterical and embarrassing all at the same time.

Whenever something would happen, Abbie would lean over and whisper to me, preparing me for what was coming next. She, not realizing that I had seen it before. I loved every moment. I watched the Lion King in a whole new "light." At one point she pushed her little hand between our seats back to her mother asking specifically for two candies. Her mom placed two hot tamales in her little hand. Abbie then took one of the candies and placed it to my lips and smiled. I loved her act of sharing. At one point she leaned over and kissed my cheek. Once again my heart just swelled to another size bigger.

Scar was definitely the bad guy. When I watched Scar he depicted evil to me. Like the serpent in the Garden of Eden. He lied to the little male cub telling him that his Father gave him access to everything in the kingdom except the "really cool place" the elephant graveyard. Scar took a tiny bit of the truth and twisted it into a big old fat lie! Hoping that the end result would be to destroy the lion cub, the heir to the throne. He almost succeeded that time but Mufasa, the cub's Dad, was told that of Prince Simba's location and he jumped in and saved him and his friend from the hyenas.

How often do we believe the enemy's lies? More often than we would like to admit. He wants to destroy our relationship with the King (our father) and he wants to kill and or meme us. We need to be careful and stay close to our Father.

Back to the movie...Then the really sad and scary scene was about to happen. Abbie got up and sat in my lap reaching over to take her papa's hand. So very sweet. While watching the movie I enjoyed listening to my grown kids laugh out loud while sitting behind me. I enjoyed the tender love and joyous company of my youngest grandgirl sitting with me. I had memories return to me of watching the Lion King the first time with my kids while they were little. I am so very blessed. The movie seemed so very short this time. Simba lived and grew up to return and take the kingdom back from Scar. The pride lands returned back to its former beauty.

I can say that I enjoyed literally every single minute of the Lion King 3-D. If you haven't seen it I encourage you to go and watch it! If you have watched it a million times before I encourage you to go watch it again but with a child. Look at the movie through their eyes. I promise you that it will be even more exciting. Look at the characters...see if you see the love of the Father for his son. See if you see evil and how he tries to manipulate and destroy the new kingdom. And if you don't have a relationship with my Father...get one. He enjoys his kids even more than I enjoy mine :)

Hakuna Matata,


Saturday, September 24, 2011


0 comments is what I see when I look to see if anyone has commented for my post. That is okay! But I see someone from New Mexico that reads my blog frequently. May I ask...your name? Why do you read my blog? I am just curious. I know that some who read my blogs are from my blessedpw list :) They read my blog to either humor me, out of pity, or because they have to! LOL Just kidding! But I am interested in who does read my blogs! Do you have a blog that I could follow? Drop me a line!

Well, thanks for reading! It is encouraging to me that someone reads what I write about. I need to get back to studying for my criminal law test!

Be blessed!


Thursday, September 22, 2011


Are you flexible? I'm not really flexible physically. Are you flexible at work or home? I try to be...but isn't it easy to be flexible when it doesn't go against what you have planned? That's because it isn't really "flexing" if it doesn't go in another direction or stretches you.

The Lord has been speaking to my heart about flexibility. I need to be more flexible in some areas of my life. I need to let the Lord use others to stretch me. I just do not always like the choice of people that He uses to stretch me in those stiff arenas of my life. But I have decided to make an effort to work hard at flexing. Not compromising...but flexing where and when He wants me to stretch and grow. I need to keep flexible so that I don't grow stiff and rotten like an old rubber band. Old rotten rubberbands break. I do not want to break. I want to stretch and expand in the good way. The way God plans for me!

So trying to expand in the right direction for Him,


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Good Day to You All!

Well today is the day that the Lord has made I am choosing to rejoice and to be glad in it! (smile)

I started my day way to early this morning. Even though I started things at an evil hour I was still late for work. So since I was late for work I decided to run to the grocery store to make a last minute salad. While standing in line with my favorite checker Irma, there was a lady standing in line behind me. The store was busy and their phone started to ring in customer service and no one was available to take the call. The lady that was standing behind me said, "When that happens to me it totally ruins my day!"

I smiled and replied, "Oh I try not to let stuff like that affect me."

She then kind of growled at me (okay more like a deep mutter), "Well you and your perfect little life!"

I started to say something but stopped and smiled again and responded, "Yes I am blessed with a perfect life."

Now my life is not really so perfect but I am blessed. Blessed beyond measure. I have run into this lady before at the local coffee shop. When I left the store I whispered a little prayer for her and for me. First so that I wouldn't take on her attitude (because that stuff can be contagious). Second that she would find Jesus and that she too could have such a great life :) Last but not least for Jesus to bless my day. LOL I had to recommitt to this a little later (especially after spilling a crock pot of potato soup in my vehicle but not the whole thing). Ever since deciding that I was going to choose to rejoice in this awesome day it has gone so much better!

So today I challenge you to really rejoice and have an awesome great day!


Monday, September 19, 2011

Live Your Life Well

Today is Monday :) I am generally not a fan of Mondays, mostly because I am tired from Sunday. But yesterday I got to take a nap which is an unusual occurrence for me on Sundays. So today I woke up with the first ring of my alarm. Jumped up and showered. I made a bowl of oatmeal before dashing out the front door.

So today my bible reading was in Luke. The phrase that stood out to me today was "But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." Luke 2:19. Later in the chapter it repeats that Mary treasured up all of these things in her heart. often have we treasured up things in our heart and pondered them? Mary had a lot to ponder about. This was her baby, her firstborn, the Son of God. So much information, shepherds finding them in a barn to worship her baby. Talk about a birth announcement! The Angels took care of that! Then there was the purification rite at the temple. Simeon came up and spoke of their son being the Messiah. Then right after that there was Anna, who also spoke about their child being the redemption of Israel! much for such a young mama to take in. Yet I am sure when she looked into her baby boy's eyes she saw love and compassion. Not really knowing what the future held.

Mama and Daddy, look into the eyes of your babies. Pray over them, love them. You do not know what the future holds for your babies. We know that they aren't deity but they do have an important role to fill. They very well may be pivotal in our world. Teach them, prepare them! Teach them the Word of God. Teach them how to live a righteous life, every moment. Tell them the love of their heavenly Father, their Savior. Let them know that they are called now to serve the Most High. They are not too young and we never know what their future holds.

I have a friend named Beth on an e-list that I participate in. Her church family lost a dear servant of Lord this past week. His name is Brian. Brian was only 24 years old but he knew the Lord. He served the Lord well. She has shared about Brian's faithfulness before on the list. He did whatever he could to serve the Lord. He worked in the sound booth, he read the Word, and he loved and shared the gospel with everyone who would listen. Brian left a hole to fill in his church and his family's lives. Brian lived every moment of his life!

You notice that I said his name is Brian. That wasn't a mistake. His name is Brian. Brian may have left this world but he is very much alive in heaven. He is face to face with God. Brian's time here was too short but it was well spent. When he entered the gates of heaven, The Lord was able to say, "Well, done good and faithful servant." I didn't know Brian personally but he left a testimony of grace, love, compassion and faithfulness behind. He would want EVERYONE to accept Jesus as their Savior. I am sure there would be nothing more comforting to his parents and pastors if someone accepted Jesus because of Brian's life and testimony. That would be the legacy that Brian would want.

So would you all join in prayer with me for those left behind? For Brian's parents, his grandparents, his church family. That they would feel God's comfort and peace surrounding them. And please pray that if anyone who knew Brian but doesn't know Jesus would choose salvation today. Then they too would get to see Brian again one day in the future and most importantly they would know that they have a hope and a future in Christ.

Well done Brian, good and faithful servant of the Lord.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Battle Inside of Myself

Sounds like a deep topic. It isn't so is skin deep :) My flesh has not been wanting to go to my excercise class (Zumba). Now just like taking a dog to obediance training, the worse part is just getting there! Once I am there I enjoy it! At least for the first thirty minutes(grin).

I don't know why I have been having this internal arguement within side myself. I know that it is good for my body. If I want to keep my weight off I have to exercise! Not to mention the other benefits of sleeping better, being physically fit and feeling more confident. The benefits far out weigh my excuse of just wanting to lay on the couch! Oh but how my flesh puts up a fight!

Isn't that how it is with your flesh and spirit? You might not feel like doing your devotions but you need to! You can think of a million things that need to be done while you read but oh the benefits so outweigh the excuses our flesh thinks of...and it all comes down to this: Be obediant and just do it! Choose to do the right thing! What about sin? Same battle again.

The good news is that God gives an escape! All we have to do is cry out to Him and He will help us. The problem is that I don't always want help...I want to lay on that couch! But I will CHOOSE to do the right thing and get my butt up and go to Zumba!

Obediance is Always the Right Choice!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oh How He Loves Us

There is a young man in our lives whom we love very much. He doesn't know Jesus but he is a genuine person. N played football with my son all of the years of jr high and high school. I love N because you never will have to wonder how he truly feels...he will tell you :) Because of this trait he has offended his share of people.

Well a short time ago N posted on his social network account something like this but edited of course :) "If God is going to kick me in the "privates" He could at least give me two aspirin." It broke my heart to hear his pain. Let me tell you of a time that God indeed sent him two ib profen.

I will never forget the night. It was a Friday night and our team was playing at an away game in Blackfoot, Idaho. Right before I left the house to drive to Blackfoot the Holy Spirit prompted me to bring some ib profen. At first I thought that it was just me but I felt the prompting again. I asked the Lord, "Lord, am I going to have a headache because if I am I can pray." But I got nothing! So I was obediant and brought the ib profen in my pocket.

By the time that I arrived to the game I had realized that there was going to be someone who would need the ib profen or why else would God tell me to bring it? So as soon as I climbed the stairs of the grand stands I saw a co-worker friend of mine and I asked him, "Do you have a headache?"

He said, "No, why?"

Now my friend, Tab knows me and he knows the Lord too so I responded, "Because the Lord told me to bring them so I am pretty sure someone is going to have a headache tonight!" He smiled and shook his head. I told him that I was serious! He then told me that he knew that I was serious! LOL

Well, the game started and it went all the way to half time. I had stopped looking for the "headache." All of a sudden N came running up to the fence that separated the field from the fans and jumped up onto it and yelled, "Does anyone have any ib profen?"

I jumped up and waved my arms and said, "I do!" I took them out of my pocket and gave them to him. He was grateful. I looked over to my friend Tab and smiled and he just shook his head again and laughed.

I was talking to the Lord about it later on the drive home. I asked Him why did he have me bring the ib profen for N? And this is what He said back to me, "N doesn't know me but I love him so very much that I don't want his head to hurt." I cried. I cried because the Lord loves him so very much, I cried because N doesn't know of that love and I cried because I love N too just like one of my own sons and God gave me the opportunity to bring the ib profen.

I am still praying for N. I pray for his protection and for his salvation. So even though I thought his post was sad it also reminded me of the love that the father has for this young man and to not give up praying for him. God has great plans for N and I hope that I get to see that fruit one day. I can hardly wait until he realizes that God loves him so very much that He would send two ib profen to be hand delivered 100 miles from his home and that He would never kick him when he is down but that He would tell him of His great love for him! Oh how I love that boy and I know that God loves him even more.

Amazing Love,