Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oh How He Loves Us

There is a young man in our lives whom we love very much. He doesn't know Jesus but he is a genuine person. N played football with my son all of the years of jr high and high school. I love N because you never will have to wonder how he truly feels...he will tell you :) Because of this trait he has offended his share of people.

Well a short time ago N posted on his social network account something like this but edited of course :) "If God is going to kick me in the "privates" He could at least give me two aspirin." It broke my heart to hear his pain. Let me tell you of a time that God indeed sent him two ib profen.

I will never forget the night. It was a Friday night and our team was playing at an away game in Blackfoot, Idaho. Right before I left the house to drive to Blackfoot the Holy Spirit prompted me to bring some ib profen. At first I thought that it was just me but I felt the prompting again. I asked the Lord, "Lord, am I going to have a headache because if I am I can pray." But I got nothing! So I was obediant and brought the ib profen in my pocket.

By the time that I arrived to the game I had realized that there was going to be someone who would need the ib profen or why else would God tell me to bring it? So as soon as I climbed the stairs of the grand stands I saw a co-worker friend of mine and I asked him, "Do you have a headache?"

He said, "No, why?"

Now my friend, Tab knows me and he knows the Lord too so I responded, "Because the Lord told me to bring them so I am pretty sure someone is going to have a headache tonight!" He smiled and shook his head. I told him that I was serious! He then told me that he knew that I was serious! LOL

Well, the game started and it went all the way to half time. I had stopped looking for the "headache." All of a sudden N came running up to the fence that separated the field from the fans and jumped up onto it and yelled, "Does anyone have any ib profen?"

I jumped up and waved my arms and said, "I do!" I took them out of my pocket and gave them to him. He was grateful. I looked over to my friend Tab and smiled and he just shook his head again and laughed.

I was talking to the Lord about it later on the drive home. I asked Him why did he have me bring the ib profen for N? And this is what He said back to me, "N doesn't know me but I love him so very much that I don't want his head to hurt." I cried. I cried because the Lord loves him so very much, I cried because N doesn't know of that love and I cried because I love N too just like one of my own sons and God gave me the opportunity to bring the ib profen.

I am still praying for N. I pray for his protection and for his salvation. So even though I thought his post was sad it also reminded me of the love that the father has for this young man and to not give up praying for him. God has great plans for N and I hope that I get to see that fruit one day. I can hardly wait until he realizes that God loves him so very much that He would send two ib profen to be hand delivered 100 miles from his home and that He would never kick him when he is down but that He would tell him of His great love for him! Oh how I love that boy and I know that God loves him even more.

Amazing Love,


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