Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fall and God's Greatness

Even though it is still hot during the day I can feel fall in the air in the morning....it excites me! I hate to see summer leave but I love fall. The smells, the crisp air, the pumpkins and football:). It will be time to place my fall candles on the candle warmers, time to drink my fall teas like cinnamon and french vanilla chai. I have a nice saxophone cd playing on my laptop as I am writing this post. Praying for each of you to find contentment into today. I have a few needs on my list but I have decided to not let them become my focus, but to let God's awesomeness to remain center stage. His plans for us are so great!

I have my homework for my morning class all ready to go. I still have two chapters to read before tonight's class. I have one quiz to do for my other class and one more chapter to read for that class. I wonder what great things of God will we see today? Make sure to look everywhere so you don't miss it! Because somedays it is the little things that speak the loudest of God's greatness. He cares about details! I love that about God.

Well be blessed! Don't miss anything from God. Be watchmen on the towers! Take time to smile at others...enjoy every moment that He gives us.

Taking it all in,


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