Friday, August 12, 2011

Heart's Desire :)

My sweet husband is getting our trailer ready for camping. Now this trailer is a recent purchase. We had an opportunity to buy a "fixer upper" about two or three months ago. It has been patiently waiting for some t.l.c. This is the week! My hubby and I had talked about getting it "camping ready" for this year and then work on it some more later to fix it all up the way it should be. Jason had talked to me about painting it white because we already had white paint. That made perfect sense to me! It used whatever we already had and it was saving money. Now, secretly inside I had thought about how nice it would be to get to pick out some pretty color to splash on the walls but placed that thought aside for the practical. Well, only God knew that little heart's desire/wish. Last night my husband tells me that he can't use that paint because he read it and it is for metal only. He then tells me that he thought that I would like to go pick out some pretty colors since we had to buy paint! Yippy! We chose "Wind Over the Plains" for the wall color and "Bronze Sundial" for the trim. Oh I am happy!

Now for another glimpse at the type of person I am and who my husband puts up with...I am the person who "knows" what she wants when going to an eating establishment and then changes her mind twenty times until the waiter or waitress comes to take the order and then I will pick something that I might not have even looked at! And to top all of that off when the food comes I want to taste my husband's yummy looking food! LOL It has driven him crazy over the years but he is soooo gracious to me :)

So I love the paint colors that we chose last night...well, actually I got to choose but he did have a little input. Today I was thinking...I could have gone with a color of deep plum for the trim and another wall color. LOL Okay not really. I know that the trailor is far too small for such colors but I was thinking that it could go with the gold, I love my greenish earthy tones. I just hope that I didn't go too dark :)Now that you followed me in all of that, I just wanted to tell you that I serve such a great Father that He knew that my heart's desire was to have a splash of color in our trailer. Not a necessity or even a need but a real frivelous treat for his little girl. And I have such an awesome husband that he too would be sensitive to his girl's wishes. I never said anything but He knows and loves me so very much that he even thought to ask me and just didn't run to the paint store and picked up the color that someone else rejected. My heart is truly happy! I am amazed by the love showered on me! For that I am grateful.

Feeling the Love,


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