Thursday, September 22, 2011


Are you flexible? I'm not really flexible physically. Are you flexible at work or home? I try to be...but isn't it easy to be flexible when it doesn't go against what you have planned? That's because it isn't really "flexing" if it doesn't go in another direction or stretches you.

The Lord has been speaking to my heart about flexibility. I need to be more flexible in some areas of my life. I need to let the Lord use others to stretch me. I just do not always like the choice of people that He uses to stretch me in those stiff arenas of my life. But I have decided to make an effort to work hard at flexing. Not compromising...but flexing where and when He wants me to stretch and grow. I need to keep flexible so that I don't grow stiff and rotten like an old rubber band. Old rotten rubberbands break. I do not want to break. I want to stretch and expand in the good way. The way God plans for me!

So trying to expand in the right direction for Him,


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