Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Battle Inside of Myself

Sounds like a deep topic. It isn't so is skin deep :) My flesh has not been wanting to go to my excercise class (Zumba). Now just like taking a dog to obediance training, the worse part is just getting there! Once I am there I enjoy it! At least for the first thirty minutes(grin).

I don't know why I have been having this internal arguement within side myself. I know that it is good for my body. If I want to keep my weight off I have to exercise! Not to mention the other benefits of sleeping better, being physically fit and feeling more confident. The benefits far out weigh my excuse of just wanting to lay on the couch! Oh but how my flesh puts up a fight!

Isn't that how it is with your flesh and spirit? You might not feel like doing your devotions but you need to! You can think of a million things that need to be done while you read but oh the benefits so outweigh the excuses our flesh thinks of...and it all comes down to this: Be obediant and just do it! Choose to do the right thing! What about sin? Same battle again.

The good news is that God gives an escape! All we have to do is cry out to Him and He will help us. The problem is that I don't always want help...I want to lay on that couch! But I will CHOOSE to do the right thing and get my butt up and go to Zumba!

Obediance is Always the Right Choice!


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