Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Good Day to You All!

Well today is the day that the Lord has made I am choosing to rejoice and to be glad in it! (smile)

I started my day way to early this morning. Even though I started things at an evil hour I was still late for work. So since I was late for work I decided to run to the grocery store to make a last minute salad. While standing in line with my favorite checker Irma, there was a lady standing in line behind me. The store was busy and their phone started to ring in customer service and no one was available to take the call. The lady that was standing behind me said, "When that happens to me it totally ruins my day!"

I smiled and replied, "Oh I try not to let stuff like that affect me."

She then kind of growled at me (okay more like a deep mutter), "Well you and your perfect little life!"

I started to say something but stopped and smiled again and responded, "Yes I am blessed with a perfect life."

Now my life is not really so perfect but I am blessed. Blessed beyond measure. I have run into this lady before at the local coffee shop. When I left the store I whispered a little prayer for her and for me. First so that I wouldn't take on her attitude (because that stuff can be contagious). Second that she would find Jesus and that she too could have such a great life :) Last but not least for Jesus to bless my day. LOL I had to recommitt to this a little later (especially after spilling a crock pot of potato soup in my vehicle but not the whole thing). Ever since deciding that I was going to choose to rejoice in this awesome day it has gone so much better!

So today I challenge you to really rejoice and have an awesome great day!


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