Friday, August 29, 2014

Shiny Blessings Part Three

This past weekend we had a church family campout. We had a great time!
So here we are camping in Porcupine Springs Campground Loop C. It really is in the forest and just beautiful.Before everyone got there, I cut across this one spot and I was watching where I was walking so that I wouldn't trip, I first saw a penny, it was dusty but there it laid and then I looked a little more and I found a quarter!

I have started keeping a journal on where and when I find money on the ground now! It was a short while ago on August 5th that I found five dollars! A short time before that I found 23 cents on the ground just outside of the grocery store, several people walking right over it and by it! I have found over five dimes starting back in March on the pebble beach at Cape May, New Jersey, one in Minneapolis in the airport, one in Boise (right after I finished my dime story). One in front of my church, early on Sunday morning before everyone got there and one in the parking lot in front of the Tacoria....I am going to start saving this money in a special jar! I am excited!

The Lord gave me a dream a few years ago. I was walking and looking down on this path and I found a few pennies, then there were a lot of pennies, then soon it started turning to silver and then big silver and lots of it! I remember asking God what did that mean and He told me that it was the blessings of God. To look for them everywhere! I remember Him telling me to look for the opportunities to minister and small blessings everywhere and soon I would see the bigger blessings multiplying:) So I did! I started to look for opportunity to pray for people everywhere! I started being thankful in the little things that many people just don't even think about as blessings from God. Soon He was giving me the desires of my heart! Big and small! I just love God. He is so multi-dimensional! My mind cannot wrap around how big God really is and how many levels and different ways He speaks to me. He can speak one thing to me and then I will see it take effect in many different ways and places...ways I could never fathom or imagine. It is funny... sometimes I think, "Oh that is what God meant!" and then I turn the corner and I see it even in another different way or perhaps just another level deeper?

Now I know there will be those that shake their head and laugh at me saying that everyone just throws their change down on the ground and I just happen to find it but I look at it as bigger than that! I think that my God is soooo loving that He arranges for the change to be lying on the ground and I actually see it! (If you know me then you know that you have to practically jump in front of me while waving your arms for me to be able to see you!) He arranges it just for me, to bless me! He is just THAT big! He cares for me! God is good and even when it is just a simple gesture of letting me see a piece of change lying on the ground; I know that it is just something that blesses me and my heart.

I think of it like a sweet love note from God letting me know I am where I am supposed to be and He will carry out His promises.
God is that good,

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