Tuesday, September 1, 2009

In the Name of the Lord Give Me Pudding!

I have to share a story about my three year old grandgirl. Abbie had asked her daddy for some pudding. It was late in the evening and she had already eaten dinner. Her daddy explained to her that she had already ate and it was getting late. She asked very nicely again and he told her no. She turned and started to walk away slowly and then she turned around, she stretched her little arm out with her hand extended and said, "In the Name of the Lord give me pudding!"

I laughed and laughed when I heard the story. Oh my goodness...Abbie is one of the young ones in my Wednesday night kids class. She always participates in the stories and craft. She usually has a story of her own to add. She prays with passion and sincerity for others. We have talked about the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ...she listens! But the next part is the best...

So I asked my son-in-law what did he say in response and this is what he said, "I gave her pudding!" I laughed and laughed and asked why. He told me, "She invoked the Name of the Lord!"

I know that God must of laughed and laughed at that whole scene. It must have tickled Him that this little three year old believed in His Authority so much that she exercised it for pudding! She took a leap of faith. I just wish I could have had this on video.

I'm not saying that we should invoke the Name of the Lord lightly but I know that when my husband teaches on something and someone goes out and does it or tries it that it really is exciting and encouraging. Abbie did just what she had learned about the power of the Name of the Lord...now that might have to be fine tuned but I am sure that it made the Lord happy.

We should be hearers and doers of the Word. We should step out in faith and try it! We should have the faith of a three year old! We need to practice what we learn and put it into action. God will have grace on us when we need it and I believe that if our heart is right before the Lord He will even giggle at us once in a while...He loves us. He desires for us to walk in Him. We are his kids!

So let me end this post by saying, "In the Name of the Lord give me pudding!" LOL



  1. Shanin, this is a wonderful story! That girl is learning and she is bold in her faith. I can't wait to hear where the Lord takes her.

  2. I loved this story. Isn't it great to know your grandchildren "get" it? Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh Shanin!!! This is such a wonderful story!!! It made me laugh a lot! Kids often listen when we think they aren't, or they are hearing things we don't think they can....
    She is hearing REALLY well!!! Not only hearing, but applying it too....even better. I think your son's response was perfect by the way. I would of done the same thing....LOL