Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Abbie is my youngest grandaughter. She is four years old. Her enthusiam is awesome! Well, last night my daughter took Abbie and here sister, Hannah, out to ride their scooters. Abbie takes off and gets a ways a way and comes back to her mom with her lips pulled up away from her teeth and says, Mom, do I have any bugs in my teeth?" Amber laughed and told her no. Abbie then responded, "Well, it could happen! That could happen when you go really fast!" LOL I had to laugh.

Shouldn't we expect things to happen? I think that sometimes we get dragged down with the weights of the world so very much, that we stop expecting things to happen. It can be safer that way but look at what we miss out on! We could miss something as great as getting bugs in your teeth from going so fast! I think that we need to expect great things to happen! God wants to bless us and somedays we miss the great little blessings because we stop looking for them. I want to get excited over the little things again! I have been so busy between school and work that I have missed out on some awesome things! But I am looking with expectation again and watch out! Because I am going to get to see some pretty amazing things I am quite sure! Do you want to join me?

Lord renew my mind and restore my "vision" so I can see EVERYTHING that You have in store for me. From the big things to the little things or visa versa. I am expecting You to do great things in my life and the lives of others! In Your Powerful Name, JESUS! amen!

Expecting Great things!


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