Friday, August 20, 2010

Have a Little Faith!

This week hasn't been the best of my weeks. I started the week off with the news of there being a possibility of not getting something I have been promised for quite a while. A little disillusionment happening there. I started to get upset, actually I did get upset for a bit and then one of my friends at work reminded me to have faith. LOL We were in different rooms but close enough to hear each other. This is actually how the conversation went : Hey, Shanin, don't get upset yet, you have to have a little faith. My reply was silence but a little smile inside to myself. Then I heard the same voice from the other room say, "You have faith, dontcha?" I smiled again (this time on the outside but a small smile still) and replied, "Yes" (very weak yes but still thinking to myself that I had faith that this one woman would screw me over again). Then I heard one more sentence after a pause, "I know you have faith." This time it brought tears (good thing that I was alone in my own cubicle!) God is so good to remind us to have faith and hope. I then made a decision to trust God whatever or however the promise manifested or didn't manifest. However it turns out I will trust God to work it out for my benefit.

Then later in the same week I witnessed some injustice. Injustice is something that aggravates me. I have witnessed injustice in this very avenue many times now and this week it was getting really old. God encouraged me again with someone different this time. She looked up at me and said, "Have faith!" I smiled and said something positive (dripping with sarcasm) like, "It would take a miracle!" She smiled again and said, "Miracles happen everyday! You just have to look for them. Have faith!" A message of hope and expectation!

God is so good to me that he sends messages of hope to me when I need them the most! This week the messages of hope and faith came from totally unexpectant messengers! This even made it even greater! God knew that I needed the encouragement and He knew how to deliver it in the perfect package! The words that were used were perfect for me because it was just confirmation to what God has been speaking to me in the past two weeks!

So today I am going to pass on that message of hope and expectation! Have a little faith. It is contagiouos and Jesus said that if we only had faith the size of a mustard seed He can do awesome things! So here is my grain of mustard seed and I am willing to share it with you if you need a little jumpstart of your own! God is working! We might not be able to see it at the moment but He has a plan! So hang in there with me! Have a little faith because something is getting ready to happen! In the meantime if something encouraging has happened your way please share with us!

Here's to Hope in Him!


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