Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Restored Beauty

Last weekend we had the privilege to serve our youth group on their retreat! We drove three vehicles for roughly about twelve hours to stay on the beach for three nights! It was great. I got to cook and clean as part of a team with my husband! It truly was an honor to see our youth and youth leadership in action! They made a declaration to take a "Stand" for the Lord.

One day while I was walking on the beach I looked down and saw a beautiful piece of a sea shell. It was broken but still so pretty. I talked to the Lord about how people don't get excited over the broken shells but they still behold a beauty. I started to think about how a person could use a pretty but broken shell and I thought of many ways! Then I stopped and thought about how we are broken. Some of us are more broken than others. Some of us look pretty good on the outside but when you turn us over you can see where the seagulls of this world has gutted us. But if a person can look beyond the brokeness you can see the beauty inside. Sometimes you have to look a little deeper than with others but the beauty still resides. When we let the Father polish us, or sand off the broken edges we can be used for beautiful purposes!

Aren't you glad that Jesus sees the beauty in us? I sure am! I am glad that He looks beyond our brokeness and sees a purpose for each and everyone of us! We need to remember this when we look at people. We need to look a little deeper, beyond the brokeness and see the gold nuggets deep inside. Some takes a little more mining than others but the gold is there! We just need to let the Refiner refine us!

Back to our youth, I am so proud of them. They are going through some transitions right now and in the next few months, but they all have decided to take a stand. Because of their stand they have renamed their youth group, "The Standers." I love it! You know how easy it is to make promises when away from your surroundings but when you return you tend to slide back into your old place? Well, since being back I have already seen some standers taking a stand in their natural environment! I have already seen some opposition and peer pressure too but they stood their ground! Again I am so proud to be their pastor and friend. They have led by example! SO I am challenging the rest of you to take a stand in your surroundings. Even if you feel like a broken shell on the beach surrounded by sand, take a stand! Don't worry, the Father will pick you up and use you! He has a purpose for each of us! He sees our beauty. You are not alone. We can stand together.

Standing For Him With Them,


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