Friday, March 4, 2011

The Plan

But the Lord's plans stand firm forever; His intentions can never be shaken. Psalm 33:4,11 New Living Translation

I am so relieved that I can trust in God's plans because man's plans are so evil. I am so glad that I can trust in His intentions for me. I know that His desires for my life are good! I just have to be obediant and trust Him. Regardless of the circumstances that surround me.

So today I am trusting in His Word and His Plan for my life, my work place, my church, my home and my family. His plan has to be better than mine! I know that His Vision is much bigger than mine :)

Every blessing You pour out I'll turn back to praise. When the darkness closes in Lord, still I will say, "Blessed Be The Name of the Lord!"
So today, right now, I choose to say, "Blessed be the Name of the Lord!"

Can I hear an Amen?


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