Monday, November 22, 2010

Created for a Purpose

Have you ever stopped to think why or for what purpose were you created? I have. When I lead worship or just sit in the quiet and play the piano and sing, I know why I was created. I was created for worship!

I remember one night when my kids were little. I was a tired mama and my husband was at the mill sacrificing and providing a living for his family. I had spent my day cleaning and raising my brood. The evening came and I was conversing with God. Well, actually probably more whining than anything :) and I told God, "I don't get it! You gave me a voice and a desire to sing and I have no place to use it."

I will never forget His response."Shanin, when you sing songs about Me to your babies, you are doing what I want for you to do!" From that moment on I cherished everytime I sang to my kids and with my kids. I realized that, that was my ministry at that time in my life. I loved it when they would sing at the top of their lungs in the car, I loved it when I would say a word and they could sing a song with that word in it! What a change in my heart and vision! In one instant I realized that it didn't matter how big my ministry was but that I was simply to do it well! I raised worshippers for the King! Wow what an honor!

Now I get to lead my grandchildren in worship. I remember dancing with Hannah when she was seven months old to "Fields of Grace." I am truly blessed. For I was created for a purpose and so are you! You have a purpose and ministry on this earth. It might not seem big to you but it is HUGE to God.

Singing with Purpose!


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