Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I am so blessed by this wonderful family that I have been given. The love of my life and I were blessed with three awesome kids by birth and then we were blessed with three more by marraige of our daughter and sons. Later in life we were blessed a fourth time by adding another daughter and three instant grandkids in addition to our two grandgirls! Above and beyond our full quiver we had a few extras, along the way, added to our brood. Occassionly we get to hear from one of them here and there, which always blesses us.

Today I am thankful because I found out that one of my "football" boys is coming home for Thanksgiving. God has given me a special love for this young man. He is a good friend to my youngest son. I love it when Jason and I get to see him. What fun it will be to have the "boys" watching football together and enjoying a feast in celebration of Thanksgiving! It makes my heart, well...just happy!

Thank You Lord for blessing us with such a great family!


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