Friday, April 24, 2009

Cup of Tea?

I love tea! All kinds of tea. I love iced tea (not sweet tea), and hot tea. I like fruit flavored teas, earl grey, cinnamon tea. I like Lipton, Bigelo, Red Rose, and Tazo. I like every kind except for plain green tea...I do like flavored green tea though.

I guess that you could call me a tea collector. I have a big watermelon basket filled with tea bags. I love to keep a big selection of tea so that when I have guests drop by I can offer a cup of tea. I also love to have a cup of tea on a cold evening.

So this whole post was really just about tea...I thought that you might like to know just a little something about me. If you would ever like a cup of tea you know where to go! Good conversation and a cup of tea is hard to beat!

1 comment:

  1. :) You truly are a woman after my own heart, Shanin. I didn't know this about you, and it makes me love you more. I hope truly that one day, we really do get to have that cup of tea together. In person!
    Karen in FL