Monday, April 20, 2009

A Trained Athlete

On Saturday my friend and I drove to Idaho Falls for a body building competition to watch another friend compete. We have watched this friend be disciplined day in and day out with her diet and workout. She would go to lunch with us and eat her salad while Jenni and I ate whatever we ordered and not once did she complain. She would be tired and sore and still get up at 3:45 am and do her cardio workout and then after work she would lift weights.

On Saturday we got to see the event that she had sacrificed for, the competition! It was so much fun to watch her do her routine. She looked amazing. The hard work paid off! She took first in her heavyweight division and fourth in the Masters division. She didn't get her pro card which is her ultimate goal. Afterwards we all went out for a little celebration at a favorite restraunt. She did spluge a little but I saw her today and guess what? She is training for next year. She will keep training until she reaches her goal. She has amazing dedication, vision and discipline! She is focused on finishing the goal of her pro card. She has maintained her focus.

If we, as christians would be so dedicated and disciplned! What goals would we accomplish? You know, we are running a race. A race that we need to finish! We need to train and be disciplined in reading the Word and following Jesus. We need not to give up when we get "sore" from the "workout!" We need to remain focused on the ultimate goal of finishing the race! Pray for one another. If you see someone struggling come along side them and root for them! My friend said that it meant so much to her that she could hear us yelling for her. She says that, that helps immensely! Be faithful in "working out" follow your "diet" diligently. It will pay off! The best fan we have is Jesus. He is there rooting for us. He desires for us to finish the race. And to finish well. If you fall down, get back up! We can do it!

See you at the finish line!


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