Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Preparation

For the past few weeks at church we have been announcing that we needed plastic eggs for our Easter Egg Hunt that we will be having following our Easter Sunday Service. I needed 1000 eggs and individually wrapped candy to fill the eggs.

All the while my husband and Matt have been cutting and sanding crosses for the lesson and craft for the Children's Ministry Service.

God is good. When I carried all of the eggs in last night we had over 1500 eggs! YEAH! The cross craft prepping was finished as well.

Wednesday night we will be dying eggs for our craft for the kids and on Thursday night the Ladies will have their night out and we will be making some beautiful flower baskets to invite people to our Easter Service.

Saturday will be our Costco day to shop for the buffet luncheon.

The most exciting part is this...we are baptizing ten people this Sunday! How exciting is that? God is so good!

We will have worship, celebration and some eggciting fun on Sunday. (Sorry I know it was lame but I couldn't resist!) We will be sharing a buffet luncheon or feast following service and hunt. Now I am praying for visitors and salvations! That would make it the perfect celebration.

I am so grateful that Jesus died on the cross for me. We have so much to celebrate. And I am glad that Jesus likes to party too! I know He does...and I do too!

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