Tuesday, February 3, 2009

God's Timing is Perfect

First of all I posted this on my other blog a day or so ago but decided that I would post it on this one too. I try not to duplicate my posts so both blogs will stay different!

I thought that I would share what happened Friday night in my life. I am usually on time as a rule. Well, I had ordered pizza and I was to pick it up in "30 minutes." I was running late by about ten minutes. I went in to pick up my order and I saw a few people that I knew including one mom and her three sons. We said our goodbyes and she left. I was signing my credit slip and I heard my friend yell my name with "HELP! He's choking!" I threw my pen and paper and ran over to her son who was not breathing. I prayed and did the Heimlich maneuver on him and whatever was blocking his passages did not dislodge. I did it again (while the Pizza Hut lady was yelling should I call the ambulance?) and out came a peppermint candy and he could breathe! Praise the Lord! We were so relieved...I am so thankful that God's timing is perfect. If I had been on time I would have picked up my pizza and been gone before the candy incident happened.

Now God is big enough to have done it without me being there but I am blessed that God used me in that moment... I am extremely glad that He was right there with me showing me what to do!Thank You Lord, that Your timing is perfect. Thanks for including me in Your plan. Thank You for sparing Josiah's life and thanks for pizza too! :0)

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  1. Shanin, Oh my. Getting to be part of saving a life is huge, and I am so very glad God used you in that way. Wow. What a story!!!!