Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Sledding Hills of Life

Today we went up to Magic to sled. This was a birthday event for my daughter-in-love. I noticed a couple of things while we were there having fun.

One thing was that there was two main ways up the hill. One was the easy way and one was the hard way. One was that you could walk and drag your tube or the other way was that you could take the tow rope and once you hook up the tube to the rope you just ride up to the top.

There were three lanes down the hill. One is slower, one is fast and then the middle lane was fast and you would catch a little air.

The rules were simple. No taking cuts in line. You can only sled down in groups of four or less. Once down at the bottom of the hill you hurry off of the sled lanes so that you don't get hit by other sledders. Sled down the hill only in the lanes provided. Play nice. For those who followed the rules it was really fun!

Well there was one boy who would drag his tube really fast and hit people in the back of the legs with his tube and they laugh and say, "sorry!" Well, later this young man (boy)decided that once he was near the top of the line he turned around and thought that it would be funny to slide his tube down the place where people were lined up the mountain for their turn to sled. One man had to jump out of the way and the boy was headed for the crowds at a high speed when two young men tackled his tube. It didn't stop him but slowed him down and he then hit a tree. My son said he hit it hard but not as hard if they wouldn't have tried to stop him. My son also said that he was sure that it probably smarted when they tackled him but if they didn't he would have injured many and himself even more.

I have told you all of this story to say there are some kids or people in life who think that their path will be fun! They don't weigh out the consequences of what might happen to themselves or others. If you see someone doing this try to stop them. You might not stop them but you might at least slow them down before they hit a tree in life.

My next statement is this. If you are someone who thinks that the ride would just be fun and not hurt anyone that is not true. Your actions always effects others! You might miss a tree this time but next time you might not be so lucky. You might think, "Well I just want to have "fun" while I am young and later I will straighten my life out." You do not know when your life might end. It might be today...please make wise choices.

Now let me address those who were having fun and following the rules. There are no guarantees there either. You might do everything right and something still might happen and you end up injured or hurt. The same is true in life. Your life too can end at any moment, even if you are doing everything right. Please make Jesus the Lord of your life.

Jesus is the only for sure thing in life. With Him, you are guaranteed eternal life with him after this life here on earth. When you choose Him you can be assured that He will go with you down the slopes of life. Fun times and hard times.

Thanks for listening to me ramble today...if you are one who is walking on the edge...please choose Jesus. He loves you and life with Him is never boring.

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