Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So Thankful...

I am so thankful that I serve a Gracious God.

On Sunday we sang a song in worship that says, "Great is Your faithfulness O God, you wrestle with the sinner's heart. You lead us by still waters and to mercy. And nothing can keep us apart. So remember Your people remember Your children remember Your Promise O God. Your Grace is enough, Your Grace is enough, Your grace is enough for me. Great is your love and justice God, You use the weak to lead the strong. You lead us in the song of Your Salvation and all Your people sing along."

I am so thankful that I serve a God that does wrestle with my heart issues. He loves me so much that He won't give up on me...He desires to protect me from the things that injure me. He so desires for me to draw even closer to Him. His Grace is enough! Those areas where I come up short His grace covers me...His grace covers those bare spots.

Then the second verse talks about Great is Your Love and Justice God, You use the weak to lead the strong. This is so amazing but true to me. He uses me! It never ceases to amaze me that He uses me to help others. He helps me to help others. Without Jesus I am nothing but with Him I can help others! He gives me the song of His Salvation! Jesus really has placed a song in my heart...whenever I am worshiping Him it does place a lilt in my step...I am thankful that He has lead me to His salvation. I am so thankful that His Grace is enough...His Grace is enough for me!

So Thankful for His Grace!


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