Friday, March 20, 2009

A Sword for the Lord!

Last Wednesday night I taught on Gideon to the kids. It was great fun! I talked about God calling Gideon, "oh mighty man of valor" while he was working at night to hide from the Midianites. I then told them how Gideon later gathered the army and God told him how to choose the men and when it was said and done there was only
300 men. I told them how they went and followed God's instructions on how to conquer the Midianites.

Then we got to the part where they smashed the pitchers and yelled "A sword for the Lord and of Gideon!" We practiced this in class. I even smashed a pitcher (by accident but it had great effect!)It was so much fun. We did our craft and went home.

On Monday night my grandkids were in the back yard playing and I hear a voice yell "A sword for the Lord and one for Gideon!" I had to laugh. It wasn't quite right but it still stuck. I knew if I was laughing that God took great joy in it also. So today that is my story..... "A SWORD FOR THE LORD AND OF GIDEON!"

Have a great day!

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