Monday, January 12, 2009

Chocolate Cake

Today I had the most amazing chocolate cake. Actually it was a "torte" but man was it yummy! It was so good that you wanted more. It wasn't too sweet and it wasn't dry. It was sooooooooo goooood! The smell was amazing! I asked for the recipe and so did my other co-workers.

Our relationship with God should be like really good chocolate cake. It should be so yummy or great that when we sit down and eat a piece that others will join us and enjoy it too. Think about my friends were enjoying the cake and they brought a piece and placed it on my desk. They didn't have to tell me or make me eat it! I dug right in and was it ever good...I then told others about how delicious it was and before long the cake was gone!

We are the marketers of the most amazing "chocolate cake" ever! It shouldn't be hard. Dig in and enjoy your relationship with Jesus. It is the most rich and satisfying thing you can and will ever have. If we would really have that indepth relationship with Him I guarantee you that others will want it. They will see something that they don't have and when they find out that they can have it they will reach out and enjoy it too! Hmmmm

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