Monday, January 26, 2009

Remodeling of the Heart

My daughter and son-in-law are remodeling their kitchen this week. This has been a long time dream of my daughter's. They ripped out the cabinets and then got to the floor. They had ripped up a small portion of the linoleum before they started the demolition of the kitchen and they found wood floors which they were so excited about.

Well today they started on the removal of the old linoleum and they found that there are several layers of different types of floor coverings under the first layer. It appears that none of them which will come up easy. They have decided that whatever it takes to get to the wood floors is worth it. When they get to the wood floors it will still be work because then they are going to have to sand, stain and then lacquer them. The final results will be beautiful. They have realized that some of the flooring will probably have some "marks" and dents in them but it will add to the beauty. I can hardly wait to see the final product.

I wish that more people would make the decision to do some remodeling in their lives. To make a decision and stick with it. To see it to completion no matter the layers that they might have to remove to get to the true beauty. You might get weary at times but don't quit! Oh I know a lot of us have lots of layers and many of us might even have some scarring underneath but my Carpenter is amazing when it comes to restoration. He is able to take something marred and ugly and make something so beautiful if only we would trust Him!

You don't have to do one big remodel all at can remodel one room or layer at a time! I have learned just when I think that this remodel will be the final remodel I find another layer that I need to address. The important thing is to never give can rest for a while but don't quit!

We all have areas that need to be remodeled in our lives, so when you decide that you are ready to commit to a remodel let me know and I will pray for you and if you need me to introduce you to my Carpenter I would be so glad to share that information too! He is the best.

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