Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What is Paisley and Praise?

Hi my name is Shanin. I was laying in bed early this morning and was just talking to God, (I do this most mornings...), and I thought of Paisley and Praise. I was thinking, "What is this?" and then I thought, Paisley is pretty little swirls and doodles that go in different directions...I had to laugh. God knows me soooooo weeeelllll! I can think in so many different directions. I am one of those people who hears someone say a word or a phrase and then I can sing a song that matches! Irritating to some, I know. Anyhow, I was thinking that could make a cool blog!

The second word, Praise, means so much to me. You see, I was created to praise God. I have no doubt on this one. I love to sing and worship. I feel the most fullfilled when I am sitting at the piano by myself and worshipping the One who created me. I love sharing about how I see God move in my life from the little details to the big events. So if you would like to "hang out" with me you too might understand why I named this Paisley and Praise.

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  1. This blog is great too! I love this idea, Shanin. Hope you don't mind if I keep up (as much as possible) on both of them. I so love to see what you are saying.
    Karen in FL