Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Thankfully we are able to live in a country where there is freedom. I thought of this today while I was sitting in my office in view of the outdoor flag waving gently in the breeze. We had to replace the "old glory" this morning because the flag was starting to become tattered. We couldn't allow that to happen. Our flag is to be kept in good condition and when removed it has to be handled and disposed of properly and with respect.

We have also been granted another freedom. Freedom in Christ. Are you taking full advantage of that freedom? Or do you have freedom within reach but choose to remain in chains of bondage? They say that if you raise a fish in a small bowl and then place that bowl inside of a big fishtank it will remain in that space even if you remove the bowl! I wonder how many of us that have accepted the freedom granted to us, stay in the chains of the enemy because that is what we are use to? Sometimes being comfortable is good and then it sometimes it isn't good especially when we become complacent.

I prayed and prayed for a new job when I worked at my last place of employment. I also prayed that God would allow me to work part time. Then one day I received a phone call telling me about a job opening. Then I heard it was part time and I told the person that I wasn't interested because I couldn't afford to go part time. Well the very same job was brought to my attention about three times. I was praying and the Lord spoke to my heart. He asked me if I had prayed about turning down that job. My response was , "Well, no Lord but You know that we can't afford for me to go to part time!" LOL I am sure glad that God is patient with me! He then asked me, "Shanin, what have you been praying for?" I knew where He was going with that one...so I prayed about it and then called for more details. I then found out that the pay scale difference was enough to more than make up for the hours. I was going to work 40 hours less a month and make more money! Now I would like to tell you that it then became so simple to just go and do it! It still wasn't an "easy" decision. I had to take a leap of faith because the new job wasn't permanent and it did not provide benefits. Bottom line was that the old job had become too comfortable. I didn't necessarily like everything there and I had no more room to grow or advance but it was still very familiar and comfortable. I talked it over with my husband and prayed some more and took the risk. I love my job now. God is so good. He knew what I needed even when it wasn't how I thought it would turn out. I now work full time again. I am going to school, (again, not in my comfort zone), however I can look back and see God's grace and answer to my prayers.

Bottom line...pray about everything first. Enjoy your freedom that God has granted you. Don't get too comfortable... there is always room to grow and expand. There are times when God takes us out of our comfort zone but remember it is okay for God to stretch us! It is then that we grow. And last but not least...when God removes chains of bondage from us don't pick them back up. Even if that is all that you have known before...it's okay to take that risk or leap of faith because God is right there with us encouraging us to take that step...come on...you can do it!!! FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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