Thursday, January 8, 2009

Laugh...It Is Good For You!

If you know me or my family you will know that we love to laugh. I think that people tend to take life too seriously. There are many times in my life that if I didn't laugh I would cry. There have been times that I have laughed so hard that my eyes "watered".

In our home we all laugh when someone says "hangdown". One time I made the mistake of mixing up hang on with calm down and volah!!! A new source of laughter was born at my expense.

I love being with little kids because they know how to laugh. We watched Kung Fu Panda a short time ago and my husband and I got to laughing at listening to the kids laugh behind us. The movie was funny but hearing the laughter was even funnier.

Some people have to learn to laugh, it just doesn't come naturally for them. If you are one of those people, ask God to increase your humor and joy and to teach you to laugh! It truly is a wonderful thing.

So that is my topic today...laughter. I am thankful for a family that laughs HANGDOWN!

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