Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blessing Time

Hello! Tonight I am going to start your week with a blessing!

May Jesus bless you and keep you throughout the week. I pray for favor and grace to shine on you everyday. I bless you with insight as you work with others, that you would be able to speak encouragement and life into their lives. I bless you with joy and to be your strength and peace to calm you when you start to get anxious. I bless you with a sharpness of mind to capture every memory that you will be making. And I pray for you to sow seed every where you go and may it fall on fertile soil and take root. Finally I bless your eyes with the ability to see with His vision and that you would be so sensitive to the Holy Spirit that you wouldn't miss one divine appointment. May you see the fruit of your faithfulness this very week....amen

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