Saturday, May 2, 2009

Prayer Book

This last Wednesday night I was teaching "my" kids in church. I team teach once a month with other gals. There are three of us that take turns and all three of us get one night off a month.

I taught on prayer. Now all of "my" kids know how to pray! If you need a prayer answered ask them to pray because they never forget to continue to pray and I am convinced that when they pray God listens! They have faith that God will answer their prayers.

We talked about a lot of instances in the bible when there was something impossible and when they prayed God moved in their behalf! Prayer works! Prayer changes things!
Then it was time for the craft!

I had made up some blank books (like scrapbooks) and I let them decorate the cover with the paper from the wallpaper books. Then in the inside cover and front page they had two different scriptures about prayer to paste in. Then they were to write who they wanted to pray for inside the book on the pages or if they couldn't write then they could draw a picture that would remind them of who to pray for! They worked hard on these books, boys and girls alike. I finally had to make them quit because it was time to clean up and leave but I told them that they could work on them at home.

Yesterday was the ladies day out at lunch. Amber came and told me that Hannah (my granddaughter) had worked on her prayer book everyday. She took time to draw lines and then to write all of the names of everyone who she wanted to pray for. This included all of her cousins, both big Grandpa and little Grandpa and both Grandmas. And last but not least she listed Molly. Molly is her Grandma Sharon's dog. My daughter told me that everynight she takes her prayer book to bed and prays through the whole thing! How cool is that? Hannah is in kindergarten and she is a prayer warrior!

From generation to generation...we are raising the future generation! Hannah is just one of "my" kids and it is only a bonus that she is actually my granddaughter. I am so honored and priviledged that I get to teach "our" kids about the Lord. It is the best thing in the world when you see them grasp it and do it on their own! YAY God!

Who can you influence or teach about the Lord? Do you teach Sunday School? Youth Group? It is hard work but you have something to offer. If you feel that you don't know a lot then start studying! It is a great way to learn the bible....start young...teach the three year olds! All of the ages are awesome. We have a need today in our country. We need to teach our future generation about Jesus and how to be leaders. We all have an important role. And let me tell you there is nothing better than to teach the kids so go and sign up!

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