Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Pizza Blessing

Funny title I know...let me explain it a little further.

A few years ago God had been speaking to my heart about heart's desires. He told me to make a list no matter how big or small. I wrote down several things and everyday I would go back over them in prayer and talk to the Lord about my list. I was amazed at how fast some of them were answered and the ways that they were answered. I think that some of the smaller ones excited me even more than the bigger ones! Why? Because I knew that only God knew what was on my list and it was just confirmation to me!

One day on the bottom of my list I listed "a slice of pepperonit pizza." I was hungry for pepperoni pizza and I was broke. Now I didn't give it anymore thought because I thought it was frivilous to a certain degree...it certainly wasn't a need! That very day my boss called me to his office and said, "Shanin, I feel like buying pepperoni pizza for everybody for lunch today! Will you please go order it and have it delivered?" I got so excited because I knew where this "feeling/idea" originated! God had pepperoni pizza, ordered, paid for and delivered just for me!

Now every now and then God blesses me with pepperoni pizza. Laugh at me if you wish but I know that it is something that God does just for me...it happened again just today. I spent my lunch in Math lab studying for my algebra test. On the way to work I thought that I would pick up a personal pan pizza to take back to work. Then I remembered that I had a coupon for a pizza that would make it cheap but bigger and I thought that I could share it with a couple of my co-workers. Well, when I got to Pizza Hut the lady told me that when they were making my order they made a mistake and would I be willing to take the mistake at no cost to me? Yes! Well, guess what? It was a pepperoni pizza with jalepenos which happens to be one of my most favorite pizzas of lately! Thank You Jesus! I took it back to work and shared it with my co-workers who were all very excited to have pizza! And I was tickled because I knew Who it was really from and Who ordered it just for me...Thanks God!

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